Happiness in Retirement

You’ve had a full working career, sought out financial advice, and have decided you can now retire gracefully. What an accomplishment! Just as when you entered adulthood, you may now be asking yourself, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life”?

Retirement is so much more than no longer needing to go to work. While at the beginning of your retirement transition, the extra hours in the day to rest and relax may be exactly what you need, there are many other considerations to live out a long and happy retirement.

Many of us will still long for a ‘purpose’ in our lives, and finding what that might be, now that our job is a thing of the past, may be challenging. Better yet, maybe now is the time that you can discover or work toward your passions.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I have any special talents that I would like to explore?
  • Is there anything that inspired me when I was younger that I would like to revisit?
  • Would I like to find new ways to challenge myself?
  • What are the skills I’ve acquired over the years that can be beneficial to others?

The options are nearly limitless. You can travel, master or learn a new skill, go back to school (many universities offer free courses for seniors), volunteer, or even decide to go back to work on a part- or full-time basis to do something completely different or something you’re more passionate about.

Additionally, whether we realize it or not, the people that we have spent our working days with will have made up a significant portion of our social interactions in our day-to-day lives. Being social creatures, we need to consider who or what will be filling this newfound social time.

  • Deepen connections with family and friends.
  • Find new social or activity groups to connect and build friendships.
  • Bridge generation gaps by providing childcare for friends or family. This has the added benefit of keeping you moving and in an active mindset!

Lastly, and as always, our mental and physical health plays an extremely important role in our well-being. Keep active, eat well, learn, and interact with others. Take care of yourself and seek care and assistance whenever you need it. Now is the time to live your life to the fullest and enjoy your well-earned retirement!