Part 5: Replacement Ratio

Part 5: Replacement RatioIn the last part of the series on the retirement income system, we tie it all together. The three sources of retirement income (i.e. government benefits, personal […]

Part 4: Workplace Pension Plan

Part 4: Workplace Pension Plan When planning for retirement, there are different sources of retirement income, known as the three-pillar retirement income system in Canada.  In parts 2 and 3 of […]

Piggy bank

Part 3: Personal Savings

Part 3: Personal Savings According to the 2016 Census by Statistics Canada, the majority (65.2%) of Canada’s 14 million households contributed to at least one of three major types of registered […]

Becoming a Plan Member (Video)

Understanding your Pension Plan: Becoming a Plan Member When contributions were reported on your behalf by an employer participating in the plan, you became a member of the Teamsters Canadian Pension […]