The Teamsters Canadian Pension Plan (TCPP) is a good plan and a powerful arrangement allowing any size group to maximize its retirement benefits to members while providing:

  • Tax advantages
  • Equity
  • Flexibility
  • Expense savings
  • Good fund performance

Formed with just 500 members in 1981 with a fund that was worth less than $400,000, the TCPP has grown by leaps and bounds to over 12,200 members in 2021 (including actives and former members), made up of highly diverse groups spread across 8 divisions, with a fund that has a market value in excess of $1.1 billion.

The TCPP is part of a larger Teamsters Canada pension investment trust called the Teamsters Canada Master Trust (TCMT). With over a billion dollars in assets, the TCMT has access to some of the most knowledgeable investment advisors in Canada who work hard to make the most out of every dollar invested. Secondly, as a large investment trust, the TCMT has access to a wider variety of investment options than a smaller investor. The size of the TCMT affords all participating pension plans the opportunity to invest and take advantage of investments in private companies, real estate properties, infrastructure and much more. These assets have higher long-term expected returns, with much lower levels of risk and volatility than the typical stock and bond only portfolios found in RRSPs.

The TCPP has distinctly advantageous provisions that can accommodate even larger numbers of Divisions and members. The TCPP Board will continue to work with Divisions to provide better investment returns and better benefits to their members while respecting local autonomy. The structure of the plan is sound. Both its management and its internal and investment policies stand the test of time.

The TCPP is the pension plan that works.

Improve your retirement income and make every one of your hard-earned dollars count.

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